About Us


Casa is a comfortable place where I feel relaxed yet inspired, protected yet pushed and nourished yet hungry. I define my home as a collection of my most cherished possessions; I have photographs, travel souvenirs, artwork, music, books, clothes and food that all remind me of the moments I have experienced and the memories and feelings attached.

What inspires you the most when you travel? FOOD inspires me the most when I travel, I always research which local delicacy I will indulge in upon arrival because once you eat the foods that sustain a group of people can you then begin to understand much more about their way of life and culture.

Must have travel accessory: My must have travel accessory is a scarf, I always wear one whenever I travel. I love our reversible tube scarves for the spring and summer and thick bulky scarves in the winter time.


As a modern nomad, casa takes on a special meaning. Even though I can call home many different countries, and can easily adapt to various environments, it's important for me to have one central place where my roots can be planted and found. My current home is East Cost, USA.

What inspires you the most when you travel? The opportunity to get a glimpse into someone else's way of life...which could be learning a new dish, discovering a new pastime, picking up a few new words and customs to hanging out with denizens of the respective locale.

Must have travel accessory: Flats and a trusted scarf/turbin/shawl.


"Home is where the heart is" is how I define a casa. As long as love as been put into it, it is home. I have lived in several different continents and despite being a foreigner to the country, I felt at home.

What inspires you the most when you travel? Music. The music really expresses the history, lifestyle, pulse and harmony of a place.

Must have travel accessory: Tube scarf. Its warm, its comfortable and adds flavour to any basic travel outfit.